03 04 Cobra Terminator


’03 – 04 Cobra – Terminator

       ’79 - 95 Mustang (302 - 351w)
       ’96 - 04 Mustang 4.6L 2 - Valve
       ’96 - 04 32-Valve Mustang, Cobra & Mach-1
       ’03 - 04 Cobra - Terminator
       ’05 - 10  3 - Valves
       2011 +  5.0L
       2007 + Shelby GT 500
       ’04 - 06 Ford GT
       ’99 - 04 Lightning
        ’03 - 04 Marauder
        Modular Motor Equipped (Mercury Grand Marquee, Ford Crown Victoria, & Lincoln Mark - 8) 
       1998+ F-bodies
       1997+ Corvettes
       2010+ Camaro’s
       ’04 - 06 GTO
       Pontiac G8
       All LSX Equipt Trucks


Wait there is more!…

Alternative Auto offers a wide range of performance options for these cars. Starting with simple bolt-ons like; mufflers, rear gears, under-drive pulleys, air-boxes, and custom tuning options.

And of course we offer the more extensive mods and bolt-on’s, that consist of things like headers, X-pipes, supercharger systems, nitrous systems, etc.

And even deeper and more extensive options exist with us like; cylinder head swaps & porting, camshaft upgrades, and internal motor upgrades ranging from just tougher pistons, rods, and cranks; or short block options as extensive as strokers and BigBore combinations.

One of the first things we recommend for our performance enthusiast looking to just get a little better response and feel from their modern electronic fuel injected — Ford and GM cars and trucks, is a properly done custom tune. This is a key starting point for most modern EFi cars and trucks. Our custom tunes do not always require Dyno time depending on the level of other modifications that are done to the vehicle.

Our everyday custom tunes can unlock a fair amount of performance and response from these modern EFi cars due to certain stringent guide lines that the OEM’s have to follow for the masses and other global variables. Just as a very basic example; Most of today’s cars and trucks are factory tuned to run on 87 or potentially lower rated octane fuels. Just by committing to better octane fuels, like 92 or 93 octane, we can then take advantage of this in the tuning and unlock as much as 15 to 20 more HP at the flywheel depending on the engine. Modern automatic transmission equipped EFi cars can benefit greatly from our in house custom tunes because of the extensive changes we perform to shift schedule & torque convertor lock-up.

’03 - 04 Cobra Performance Package

70 - 85 RWHP and Increased Response
Now available from the most experienced & trusted tuner in the industry

’03 - 04 Cobra - Terminator

’03 - 04 Cobra Performance Package

70 - 85 RWHP and Increased Response
Now available from the most experienced & trusted tuner in the industry

79-95_Mustang_302-351w 96-04_Mustang_4.6L_2Valve 96-04_32Valve_Mustang_and_Cobra_and_Mach_1 96-04_32Valve_Mustang_and_Cobra_and_Mach_1 05-10_3_Valves 2011_and_up_5.0L 2015_and_up_5.0L 2007_and_up_Shelby_GT500 04-06_Ford_GT 99-04_Lightning 03-04_Marauder Modular_Motor_Equipped Modular_Motor_Equipped 6.0L-6.4L_Diesels 1998_and_up_F_Bodies 1997_and_up_Corvettes 2010_and_up_Camaro 04-06_GTO Pontiac_G8 Cadillac_CTS-V All_LSX_Equipped_Trucks


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