05 10 Mustang GT CnL Airbox And Tune

’05-10 Mustang gt C&L Air box and tune

Delivers a proven 30+ rwhp gain!

This is considered to be one of the first packages we would recommend for the 2005 to 2010 3v 4.6L Mustangs.

The C&L plastic Racer Pipe has proven to be one of the best performing, and best fitting replacement air boxes for the 3v applications.

We sell and install only the “Tune Required” version of these air boxes. We have found that when coupled with our own in-house custom tuning (using 92+ octane) the results show very impressive gains.

Our in house custom tuning for the 3v cars not only correctly re-calibrate accordingly for the changes in the C&L racer pipe, but also address hundreds of other tuning tweaks, especially for the 5-speed automatic guys.

We’ve seen this Racer-Pipe and tuning combo put a typical 3v manual trans Mustang at nearly 295 RWHP, Stock is typically 265 to 270 RWHP.

C&L Aix Box,  SCT X-Cal4 Device, with in-house custom tune — Call for pricing.

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