05 GT


2005 GT

Our latest customer car is a NY based 2005 GT that has gone through some major changes — both in appearance, and with the entire power train. Alternative did not handle the exterior of this good looking Eleanor clone. We were commissioned to perform a major upgrade to the motor, trans, exhaust and engine management.

This GT is now equipped with a mostly stock Shelby GT-500 5.4L 32-valve long block that has been topped off the giant Whipple 3.4L twin-screw making 15psi of boost. The 5-speed has been replaced with a heavy duty 6-speed, and an upgraded twin disc clutch as well. The stock 3.55 gears in the 8.8 rear end were left alone.

Using SCT, Alternative Auto was able to tune the stock 4.6L, 3-valve computer with no trouble to be fully compatible with the 5.4L, and the huge power that it made. Including the Drive by wire as well. When the dust settled, this beast produced 645 RWHP and a very broad TQ curve peaking at 615ft lb.

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