05 Saleen



This beautiful and clean 2005 Saleen has the looks and performance to match all in one neatly done convertible package.

This spotlight car was born at Saleen’s facility’s with a 5psi twin screw type blower for some great performance right out of the box. But the owner decided he wanted a lot more!

The car was dropped off with Alternative Auto in early 2009 to help him get some where in the neighborhood of about 80-100 more horsepower at the flywheel as safely as possible because it is still running on the factory non-forged short block.

And also he was looking for a tougher sound over all. So the decision was made to go with the Ford Racing HotRod cams, exhaust upgrades — which include headers and X-pipe w/cats, raise or try to get the boost to about 9-10psi, and a complete custom Dyno tune from us as well.

Once all the pieces and parts came together, unfortunately it didn’t make more then 8.5psi of boost. The Saleen upgraded/smaller pulley that was ordered in to make about 10psi of boost didn’t accommodate or keep up with the now enhanced and better breathing capability’s that where added in by changing the cams and exhaust…. Even though it maxed at only 8.5psi, it made a very impressive 473 rwhp. We didn’t want to go any smaller on the blower pulley in order to not cause pulley belt rap problems. And we generally try to keep stock 3V short blocks under 500rwhp when using regular unleaded pump fuels with belt driven blower.

This entire package has a great TQ curve, a very nice idle and roar through out the rpm range just by re-using the unique axle back mufflers that Saleen installed on the car when it was new.

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