2014 End Of Year Review For Our Shop 2011 Mustang 5.0L

2014 End of Year Review for Our Shop 2011 Mustang 5.0L

Saturday, November 15, 2014

For the remainder of the 2014 season, the Alternative Auto (fully streetable) 2011 5.0L GT ended up with a best of ET 9.88 @ 142mph on boost only, and some 9.50’s at nearly 150mph when a shot of NOS is thrown in the mix. We forged the motor in late 2013, and for the 2014 season we made nearly 85 full ¼ miles passed with it, and had absolutely no trouble with the car at all. Most of the 80+ passes were 10.15 or quicker ET’s in the ¼ mile.

Our Fore Innovations e85 fuel system has been flawless, the root of our forged 5.0 motor is comprised of Diamond pistons and Manley Rods, with a stock crank, block, and cylinders… cams are stock too.

The 6-speed auto (6R80) has been very good to us. It still uses the completely original Torque convertor. And has suffered zero trouble since the car was acquired new in mid 2010.

The Roush blower is now seeing about 16psi of boost with a VMP 69mm pulley up top, and a 5% OD damper down below. The NOS is adding about 150hp on top of it all, and is used or triggered only after the car shifts into 2nd gear. This will knock about 4-5 tenths off the ET and add about 9mph at the traps.

The e85 fuels we’ve been burning in this car is 100% purchased from local gas stations. It is not bought by the barrel in any way. So we’ve enjoyed about 105 octane + cooler burning, at about only $2.20-$2.80 a gallon during the 2014 season!

Midsummer 2014 we re-installed the front sway bar…. We decided that the car was to wishy-washy at highway speeds with it removed. And found that it didn’t affect or hurt the ET’s at all once it was put it back on.

For the 2015 season the plan is to switch to the VMP 8-rib belt conversion for our Roush blower, and also switch to the revised and 18% better flowing VMP TVS blower housing too. The goal is for about 18psi of boost. And we’re also adding a trunk mounted water tank for the intercooler system to work in conjunction with the standard Roush front radiator mounted heat exchanger, so that it’ll continue to work normal for all-around use, and give us the option to use ice when at the track.

And as I always say as a recap; our 2011 GT is about 3940lbs with driver, has big Baer 14in rotors all around, and is still using a totally stock front and rear suspension and stock rear controls arms. Mid 1.4 60’s with all this, and 20in MT drag radials. All it takes is a simply “off idle brake-torque” to launch the car. No fancy trans-brake, no lag and no drama! Just a powerful, reliable, and fun all around Mustang.

Full weight street car, no BS, just FUN, FAST, & RELIABLE!