2004 Mach1


2004 MACH-1

This customers orange 2004 Mach-1 shows a simple, clean appearing exterior and under hood area, but inside all this simple appearance it sports a 4.6L that’s now stroked to a 5.0L and uses Alternative auto CNC ported 32V heads.

Even though it is Vortech supercharged, the compression is 10.25:1 and is also fitted with a set of Crower cams.

By Forcing only 11.8 psi of boost into it and using 93 octane along with a mist of Methanol sprayed in after the blower… this combination makes over 610 RWHP.

With a 4.10 rear gear and a five speed manual trans, this combo feels good in any gear. Although it has bigger cams, because of this combo’s added cubes and compression, it suffers no low & mid range torque loss. In fact seat of the pants in this car actually feels greatly enhanced from stock especially from 1500-3000rpm and absolutely killer pull from 4K to 7K.

This mach-1 is using stock rims all around except the rears have been widened to 10.5” and has 315/35/17” drag radials.

Mid to high 10’s in the ¼ mile are expected.

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