2010 Shelby GT500 755HP

2010 SHELBY GT-500 755HP

This customers 2010 Shelby GT-500 may appear mostly stock on the outside, but one look under the hood, and a quarter mile time slip reveals a very different and extremely powerful combo lurks in the engine bay.

This Shelby is equipped with Whipple’s latest and one of their biggest twin screw units, the new 4.0L unit. When twisted hard enough to produce just over 20psi of boost, and combined with a full Kooks header and X-pipe. This GT-500 will produce just over 755rwhp and nearly 670rwtq! On 93 octane.

Coupled to a 3.73 gear, lighter rims and tires with sticky’s in the rear – this car has already run high 10’s in the quarter mile at 143mph.

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