99 04 Mustang GT Vortech Package


’99 – 04 Mustang GT Vortech Package

Vortech supercharger systems have established themselves as one of the most reliable blower kits in the automotive performance industry. We’ve been selling and installing these kits from the very beginning when Vortech was established back in 1991.

Their ’96 to ’04, 2-valve Mustang GT kit is well designed and packages great. We outfit them with only the quiet V-2 or V-3 head units, and are typically set up with 8-10psi of boost. This is very safe with proper tuning, and octane on a stock 4.6L piston and short-block.

At 8-10psi of boost, these will add about 130 to 150 HP at the flywheel reliably on 92+ octane. If your 2-valve GT is equipped with other bolt-on’s that we would normally recommend like exhaust and etc… Then the Vortech boosted gains will be even more impressive.

Call for pricing and installation details.