Clean Cobra



This is yet another Mustang that has given in to the temptation of clean, renewable and cheap high octane fuel otherwise known as e85.

With only an upgraded exhaust, and just shy of 12psi of boost from a non intercooled Vortech V-3. This clean 1999 Cobra produces over 525 RWHP. The entire motor is totally stock for now. Which consists of the factory hypereutectic piston’s, and powdered metal connecting rods too.

Normally we keep these non forged 32v motor with stock internals well under 500rwhp because of trying to maintain safe and detonation free tuning when using typical unleaded pump fuel that are usually  93 octane. But with e85… You can safely run more boost on these stock motors and get away with more spark, and still have lots of room before they can potentially reach detonation (depending on peak boost). But over all we do try to keep them under 550rwhp even on good gas because the stock rods can buckle at this power levels no matter how safely we tune and octane accordingly.

This Cobra also has been upgraded to 4.10 gears in the rear along with a few other tweaks to the IRS to try to control wheel hop.

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