Ford GT Tune


50 rwhp and 30 ft lbs rwtq for the ford gt with a custom tune

Here at Alternative Auto we’ve had the exciting opportunity to do some tuning and a few part changes on a 2006 Ford GT.

The GT super car is rated at 550 HP at the flywheel, and after two pulls on our DynoJet within minutes of each other, on a 50F degree day,  it ended up with 525 and 531 RWHP and 476ft lbs of TQ totally stock, revealing that the stock Flywheel HP rating is a bit conservative. Before we moved onto installing the planned pulley, throttle body, and  anti-crush inlet tube insert, we decided to see if there was any additional RWHP to be found tuning with SCT software and our experience.

I found the Ford GT to not be as conservative as the stock tune on the Shelby’s, but still did manage to find a pretty substantial gain by tweaking the A/F, especially above 6000 rpm and by adding a little spark as well. By leaning things out a bit across the entire rpm range and  tweaking the spark a little and extending the rev limiter, we found as much as 50 RWHP and just over 30 ft lbs of TQ across the rpm range, and fixed a large HP drop at 6300 rpm and up. With 93 octane and tuning alone we ended up with what I feel is still a safe and manageable 581 RWHP and 508 TQ at the rear wheels on the Ford GT Super-car.

Like our other tunes, this one for the Ford GT we will offer improvements, and provide several other tweaks. We raise the rev limiter slightly, turn off the speed limiter, turn the electric fans on earlier, raise the idle speed slightly, improve off idle throttle response and much more.

We will be selling our new Tune for the Ford GT installed on the SCT Xcal-4 for (PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING). It requires 93 Octane and can be tweaked for 91 Octane.