05 10 Mustang GT Advanced NA Package

’05-10 Mustang gt Advanced NA Package

Delivers a proven 45+ rwhp gain!

For the 2005+ 4.6L 3-valve guys looking to move up to the next level of simple bolts ons, beyond our air-box and tune package – here is what we recommend.

-Steeda 2-piece under-drive pulleys for reduced parasitic losses.

-BBK long tunes with matching cat’d X-pipe.

-FlowMaster muffler are our favorite choice for these cars, but offer only improvement in sound.

These additional components when combined with the C&L Racer-Pipe and our tune – can usually produce about 305+ RWHP.

As most would understand; a ring and pinion change doesn’t increase HP, but adds better mechanical advantage and acceleration in any car, including the 5-speed manual and 5-speed auto for the 2005+ 3-valve cars. We recommend the 4.10s for the manual and only the 3.73s for the 5-speed automatics.