2013 Shelby GT500

2013 SHELBY GT-500

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2013 SHELBY GT-500

Update January 4, 2016

Mid season 2015 – Alternative Auto Performance acquired what we feel is one of the most bad-ass, most powerful, and capable Mustangs ever produced…. We’ve acquired a 2013 GT-500 with the massive and supercharged 5.8L motor. Most of what we plan on doing with this car is not really that current of news to most that may follow what the 2013-14 GT-500s are capable of with just a few bolt-ons.

Rather than only do the few basic bolt-ons, because we already know what we know What GT-500’s will do with all the basic and also Kooks headers and etc. We took our ’13 GT-500 to what we feel is the next big step for these in the quest for bigger power…. We jumped right into Crower stage-4 camshafts, along with all the usual bolt-ons that most guys do with the 2013-14  Shelby’s. Which consists of a 10% OD crank pulley, 2.4” upper pulley, higher flowing blower inlet elbow, larger twin-bore throttle body, JLT AirBox, and Kooks headers along with custom installed FlowMaster 3-chamber (delta-50) mufflers. 

With 93 octane, most 2013-14 GT-500’s will max out at about 735 or so RWHP with; Supercharger Over-drive pulleys, headers and complete exhaust, larger throttle bodies and inlet elbows, and upgraded air boxes too, and of course custom tuning.

Our GT-500 has surpassed the mid to low 750rwhp (with stock TVS blower) by nearly 60+ additional rwhp with the addition of the Crower Stage-4 cams!  We’ve ended up with an incredibly impressive 811rwhp and 758rwtq. All while still retaining the stock TVS type blower. This has also been done with what we feel is a safe tune on straight 93 octane fuel.

The Crower cams sound killer and rump nicely at about a 1000rpm idle with very good drivability still.

Once the pedal is at WOT. From 1800rpm all the way to about 7000rpm. The power and TQ is up substantially from stock.

Future plans are larger injectors and switching to e85 fuels with the current level of mods and boost, and simply seeing what it’ll do with about 4-6 degrees more ignition timing once it is liberated with 105 octane from the e85 fuels.  We feel 850+ rwhp should be attainable quite easily. Even with the stock twin fuel pumps with only the addition of a Dual boost-a-pump device to enhance the fuel pumps operating voltage.

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