2015 5.0L Performance Tune


2015+ 5.0L Mustang CUSTOM tune & Airbox

We have now come up with an impressive entry level bolt-on package for the 2015-16 Mustang GT equipped with the 5.0L engine.

Gains of as much as 34-rwhp and 24-RWTQ have been found with our JLT cold air kit combined with our own in house custom tune for 92+ octane installed on a SCT x4 hand held flasher.

Our test car was a 2015 GT with an automatic transmission. So, our baseline and JLT/Tuned numbers will be about 15-20HP & TQ less than a manual trans equipped car.

This combo is sold and installed together as our JLT unit is a tune required version.

Alternative Auto Performance installs the JLT, flashes the car, and performs a brief road test to insure the entire package is working and responded as it’s supposed too.

Cost is $825.00 installed.