2015 5.0L Whipple Supercharger


2015+ 5.0L Whipple Supercharger Package

It’s a known fact that the 5.0L coyote motors love boost! 

The 2015+ Mustang 2.9L intercooled Whipple blower kit continues to prove how much these new 5.0L’s come to life when they see boosted air. The 2.9L Whipple kit pretty much comes with only one stage and it is all most of the 2015+ guys will need on 93 octane on a stock motor. The newly revised “front inlet” Whipple kits are rated at 10psi out of the box and about 725hp at the Flywheel.

Using the entire kit out of the box on a 2016 Mustang 5.0L with only an axle back muffler system and the supplied Whipple calibration…. We were able to get a highly impressive 643rwhp, and 508rwtq out of a manual Transmission car. Meaning that the Whipple kit is producing every bit of about 700-725hp at the crank! The torque comes on quick and low in the RPM range as the Dyno graph illustrates.  By about 2500rpm the 2.9L Whipple is producing about 450rwtq!  Try that with a turbo or centrifugal!

Like all Whipple kits, the 2015+ Mustang GT kit has a massive under-blower intercooler core, and also a very large heat exchanger mounted up front behind the grill area. And Whipple’s typical OEM like fit and finish on all aspects of the kit.

And one of the best features of the modern “front inlet” 2.9L Whipples is the ability to add a 10-rib belt system more easily and more cost effective then previous kits. The 10-rib is not needed until very high levels of boost are needed with motors that are forged and etc. But it’s a comforting fact that it’s easily achievable now days if needed.

The intercooled 2.9L Whipple kits for the 2015+ Mustang 5.0L cost $7295.00, and full install with Dyno time and no custom tuning is $1600.00.

Call for more details. All pricing subject to change.