24 2005 GT Power Update

2005 GT Power Update

Thursday, March 24, 2005

So far with just a couple of bolt-ons and our 93 octane custom tune we’ve managed to squeeze about 27 more HP at the rear wheels out of our 2005 automatic Mustang GT. Our totally stock GT laid down 250 RWHP with just a couple hundred miles on it.

The rear wheel HP and TQ look a lot like a stick-shift dyno curve, and we started the pull nice and low – most automatics when on the dyno have to start at much higher rear wheels speeds so that the trans won’t down shift. We avoid that by making a special tuning/dyno-ing file that makes the trans go into 4th  (1 to 1 ratio) gear very early, lock the torque converter and not down shift at all once its over 30 mph on the dyno. We do this without touching any other stock parameters other than the trans shifting stuff. This makes for a very accurate rear wheel HP and TQ number that looks a lot like a stick shift curve.  But because the auto trans and torque converter have much heavier combined weight as a rotating assembly, the automatic will still show about 5%-8% less RWHP then a comparable stick shift car.


Our more aggressive tune on 93 octane started out being worth about 12-13 additional RWHP. On stick-shift cars, our more aggressive tune as been worth about 15-20RWHP.

Once we re-baselined the car we installed the new C&L intake kit.  This kit requires a tune to be sold with it no matter what, because of what it does to the Mass-Air-Meter flow curve, and how it makes the entire fuel curve lean from idle to WOT. Once we corrected this from within the tune using the MAF tables, we were able to get a solid 11-12 RWHP gain with just this bolt-on. It would actually have been a gain of about 16-18 RWHP had we not already removed the Carbon trap located in the stock intake track. The C&L Air-Intake kit is the neatest and most professional looking one we’ve seen so far. We intend to use it as part of an upcoming bolt in tuner package for the 05 GT’s.

New Product for 2005 GTs
Our 2005 Mustang GT Xcalibrator3 retails for $425.00 and the C&L Air Intake kit retails for $359.00 from us. We are selling them as a package for $750.00.

2005 Mustang GT Dyno Results Update