8 Whos Your Boss

Who’s the boss?!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The BOSS is an impressive performer out of the box, but its even more serious when you add a 8psi Roush TVS-2300 Supercharger to it. Add that together with some headers, high flow cats, FlowMaster exhaust, and our complete custom dyno tune, and you get one sick sounding and heart pounding ride. This BOSS 302 produces some awesome power with only 8 pounds of boost from the Roush Supercharger.

Our Roush kits look great, and are very well rounded kits with a OEM like fit and finish. We were able to lean on the BOSS-302 motor little more than we would with on the standard 5.0s which have weaker cast pistons. Unfortunately, the standard 5.0s wont respond as well as this BOSS 302 did on only 8psi, but very impressive numbers should still exist.

With this Roush Supercharger, supporting mods, and our complete in house custom tune, the streets will be calling you “The BOSS”!

Making 580 rear wheel horse power with just 8 pounds of boost and Lidio’s complete in house custom tuning! Yes, he is the BOSS!