99 04 Mustang GT Advanced NA Package


’99 – 04 Mustang GT Advanced NA Package

This is what most Mustang people consider to be the next couple of moves as far as bolt-ons, and additions to the 4.6L 2-valve equipped Mustangs.

These options lean even more toward induction improvements, more improvements to exhaust, and parasitic losses too.

BBK offers a great looking one-piece 78mm Throttle body assembly that integrates the throttle body and elbow into one smooth well designed unit — offering as much as 8-10 RWHP depending on other mods.

BBK also produces one of the best overall fitting Long-Tube headers for the 2-valve Mustang applications. These can add an additional 15-20 rwhp to a GT that has some of the other exhaust upgrades already installed, such as a Hi-Flo X or H pipe, and Cat-Back.

To reduce Parasitic HP losses we like to use the Steeda under-drive pulley kit. These are worth about 5-7 RWHP too.