Corn Fed Cobra



Alternative auto has assembled and tuned yet another customer car willing to take full advantage of today’s affordable and high octane e85 fuels.

This 1993 Cobra is equipped with a very mild mannered & street-able, but extremely powerful 363 cubic inch 8.2” deck based small block. And with a Vortech S-trim that makes less than 12psi of boost.

Along with a modern and up to date motor, it is also converted to a t-56 6-speed transmission, twin-disc clutch, and many other power train updates and modifications like; big 13in front brakes, and TQ arm conversion in the rear.

This Cobra is still equipped and running off of the original EEC-4 ECU and tune by alternative Auto.

With 650+ RWHP…. A lot of cars will feel the bite from this one !

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