Mean Green Saleen



Chalk it up to another one that has succumbed to the high octane and cheap temptation that comes with e85 fuels.

This clean 2005 Saleen is mostly stock in terms of exterior appearance other then stickier tires mounted on the stock 20in Saleen wheels. Under the hood is a very different story. The stock cast piston 4.6L 3v has been forged and up’d to now 302 cubic inches, stock 3v heads lightly ported, and camshafts are now the popular and our favorite FRP HotRod cams. With a few tweaks, and a couple of other mods. The Saleen 2300 blower makes just over 12psi of boost. And e85 fuels have allowed us to take full advantage of its cooler burning high octane features.

Allowing only 12psi to make this combo spit out over 630 RWHP, and over 700 RWHP when small puff of NOS is turned on.

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