Mystic Chrome 04 Cobra



Its no secret in the late model Mustang world that the Supercharged ’03-’04 Cobras (also know as the Terminators) make one of the most killer foundations to build from when looking to produce a super fast, and quick all around street / strip car.

This customer spotlight Mystic Chrome ‘04 Cobra is one of the most powerful Terminators and late model Mustangs in general that we’ve been involved in.

One of the key features of the 4.6L 32V that comes in the Terminators that makes them so reliable is the fact that they have forged pistons, Manley steel connecting rods, and a steel crank from the factory.  And the more rigid iron 4.6L block. Having an Intercooled Eaton supercharger from the factory also leaves room for big upgraded blowers with out having to buy a complete add-on blower type kit, only a head unit for the most part.

That’s exactly what this Terminator is equipped with – the monstrous 3.4L Whipple twin screw producing 25psi of boost. Typically, your average twin screw replacements for the ‘03-‘04 Cobra’s bolt right on in place of the Eaton M-112’s… some light mods and changes need to be done in a couple of areas for a perfect fit. But for the most part they are a true “Bolt-On” replacement compressor.

On this Mystic Chrome ’04 Cobra — the entire long block is stock, and so is the 6-speed transmission. The stock clutch was replaced with nothing more then another “stock replacement” Ford Cobra clutch kit. We found these to hold up quite well in Terminators that are making pretty substantial power levels, and the stock Cobra clutch offers the best in all around street ability and pedal effort with no chattering from a dead start.

The IRS in the rear has been converted to a straight axle with all the good 31-spline pieces and an Eaton posi. The stock 3.55 gears we’re retained.

This Cobra makes just a touch under 700 RWHP with the big 3.4L Whipple, and near 800 RWHP with a hit of NOS. It utilizes 60lbs injectors, stock fuel rails, and its been converted to “return” style fuel system,  Its also equipped with what we call the “Big Bosch” external fuel pump, with a stock fuel tank equipped with a Car-Tech pick up. 

The rims are Ford Racing FR-500’s, and the rears have been widened to 11.5” to better accommodate the very wide BFG drag radial he uses that is a 345/30/18”. This tire measures near 13” wide!! And can be made to fit the ’99 thru ’04 Mustangs quite nicely with the exception of the IRS equipped Stangs.

If your from the Detroit area and hit the Woodward scene at all. You may already know what this Cobra’s license plate says!!

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