Really Big Whipple Upgrade


Whipple 4.0L Supercharger upgrade for shelby mustangs

For the Shelby enthusiast looking for the ultimate in street-able power, and the ability to crush anything around you on the boulevard – look no further then the latest 4.0L Whipple Supercharger upgrade package available from Alternative Auto Performance.

When combined with Kooks Headers, X-pipe and aftermarket mufflers, this massive new 4.0L Whipple achieved an outstanding 755+ RWHP and nearly 670ft lbs of RWTQ on 93 octane premium fuels at a peak 22psi of boost. Tuned with what we feel is a conservative tune with a rich A/F and proper ignition timing we believe that the stock internals should survive this level of power.

To fit this very large 4.0L twin screw under the hood requires either a larger replacement hood, or you can opt for the motor mount/cradle drop kit like the car shown in the pictures has.

We feel that the stock twin disc clutches should hold up for some time at this huge level of HP and TQ, and the 6-speed trans is usually nothing to worry about. The 8.8 rear axle that these cars are equipped with is nearly bullet proof – especially when equipped with an aftermarket posi unit like our favorite from Eaton. The only real problem is getting all this power to the ground, that and getting used the look on people’s faces when these Whipple equipped Shelby’s decimate them!

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