Sams SS



The late model Camaro’s and other GM products have become quite a popular sight at Alternative Auto’s facilities. Sam’s SS is no exception to the list of many 5th Gen’s we’ve been modifying along hundreds of other LSx equipped GM cars and trucks.

This LS3 equipped, 2010 Imperial Blue Metallic Camaro SS makes impressive RWHP numbers with a small list of simple bolt-ons consisting of Headers, X-pipe, FlowMaster 2-chamber Mufflers, VaraRam AirBox, 3.91 rear gears, Comp camshaft and valve springs, our custom “wet” NOS system, and our own in house custom tuning. With over 460rwhp on its own, and over 550rwhp with the flip of a switch…. She can easily go low 11’s in the 1/4 mile at well over 130mph.

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