Shelby GT500 Performance 2013 2014


PackageS for the 2013-14 Shelby Mustang

The 2013-14 GT-500’s start out with an incredible 662hp, and are capable of 200mph in stock trim.

Alternative Auto has Chassis Dyno’d several of them in stock trim and they will actually lay down as much as 605 at the rear wheels on our DynoJet. As killer as this is from the factory, we all know that yours has to be faster than your rivals no matter who he is!

As with previously GT-500’s, Alternative Auto has an impressive bolt-on package that consists of 2.4” blower pulley, JLT air box,  larger FRP 65mm Twin-bore throttle body, and complete custom tuning which includes a SCT Xcal-4 hand held tuner.

This entry level package puts a ’13-’14 Shelby at 700rwhp. This is a gain of about 125hp at the Flywheel, with simple bolt-ons and tuning.

Alternative auto sells and installs this package for the 2013-’14 GT-500 + includes Dyno time for $2395.00

Additional power and TQ can be gained from other modifications like headers, hi-flow cat’s, and better mufflers too.